Leaking Detection and Repair:

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, you should call us immediately. Once our heating engineer or gas safe plumber arrives, we can assess the nature of the problem and take appropriate action. In the meantime, don’t light any naked flame or operate electrical switches, make sure you open doors and windows and turn the gas supply off at the main valve. For 24/7 Leak Detection Services contact (212) 293-1557. Upon completion of the water leak detection a report containing specification and cost or repairs is sent to the client electronically, we will in most instances quantify the water losses and report the monetary value. Upon receipt of approval we excavate, repair and reinstate all surfaces disturbed. 
In some instances according to site and ground conditions we have to inject gas (95% nitrogen 5% hydrogen) into the main, upon completion a sensitive gas detector is then passed over the leaking water main and as the gas escapes from the water leak area the detector registers the leaking gas, we then mark down the leak area for our repair team. Placed on the water supply pipe or valves the system will then locate the noise made by the leaking water and visually display the water leak on the screen calculating the exact point of the water leak. Our team then marks the point of the leak for repair by our team.